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Cowboy and Wild Horses

Pepper's Project

Who is Pepper?

Pepper, or SB SmokedPepperChic is a 17 year old, 14 1 HH dapple grey mare with a heart of gold.

She came into my life seven years ago when I needed her the most, and has been a steadfast warrior through all of my life struggles.

She represents kindness, patience, grit, strength, integrity and hope.

Pepper 1.jpeg
Pepper 2.jpeg

What is Pepper's Project?

This project holds a special place close to my heart. As a way to honour this incredible steadfast mare who has been my strength in times of need, heartbreak, happiness, sorrow and joy I created Pepper's Project.

This will be a way to pay it forward to others in need, the same way she has done for me and so many others.

$5.00 of every product box sold, as well as a 10% of a monthly featured item will be held in trust to help someone or an organization in need. These funds will be distributed quarterly to an individual or a group in need of a little help.

If you know someone, or an organization in need, please e-mail us details at

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